Video Poker Online in Pennsylvania

Video Poker Online in Pennsylvania

Most casinos include video poker as a standard game. The game-hosting machines are normally located near the slot machine banks.

As a result, they are frequently used by slot machine gamers as a palette cleanser. Rather than being at the mercy of fate, a video poker player can exert some control over his or her fate.

The video poker game is still going strong at Pennsylvania’s live casinos. As more established casino companies across the state offer online casinos with video poker games, the scenario will only get more complicated.






Yes, indeed. In all of Pennsylvania’s casinos, video poker is legal.

The Pennsylvania Race Horse Development and Gaming Act of 2004 gave the state permission to do so. The legislation established the licensing and regulation of casinos and racetrack-casinos in Pennsylvania.

As a result, video poker machines can be found at every one of Pennsylvania’s 12 casinos. Video poker machines, on the other hand, are not permitted to be operated by private individuals or businesses.

Last year, a major bust was made against some private video poker usage. Anthony Zenner is accused of making millions by running an unauthorized video poker machine ring.

As a result, video poker is acceptable — as long as it is played in casinos.



Residents in Pennsylvania can now play video poker. But what if this is your first time playing?

There is no need to be concerned. There are various ways for residents of Pennsylvania to try playing video poker for free before risking their money.

Pennsylvania residents can first and foremost use Chumba Casino to improve their video poker skills. To be clear, there is only one video poker game available in Chumba: Jacks or Better.

There are numerous video poker variations to choose from. The Chumba version, on the other hand, includes a key feature that should make it your first choice.

In particular, Chumba Casino’s Jacks or Better game has a percentage calculator that calculates the likelihood of your draw improving to any winning hands. This tool allows you to experiment with different video poker methods and approaches.

After you’ve gained some confidence, you may try out the various games available at Parx Casino Online or SugarHouse Casino4Fun.

Both sites provide about 15 different types of video poker that may be played for free. To log in and participate, you will only need to register.

Make sure to test out each variation to determine which video poker type you favor. Everyone has favorites, and these websites are a terrific way to find out what they are.



When you’ve mastered all of the different forms of video poker, you might want to attempt the real money version. If that’s the case, both of the aforementioned services will gladly assist you in making the switch to real money.

You’ll have to register for a real money account all over again.

However, Hollywood Online Casino does include online video poker. Unlike Parx, which only has Jacks or Better, Hollywood has the whole IGT Game King suite, which includes Deuces Wild and Double Double Bonus Poker.

As a result, Pennsylvanians have the option of choosing between Hollywood, Parx, or Chumba. For the time being.

Every online casino will have a variety of ways for you to fund your account. On your preferred site, any of the following techniques may be available:

  • ACH/E-check
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Bank transfer
  • PayNearMe (via 7-Eleven)
  • PayPal/Skrill
  • Wire transfer
  • Cash in-person at the casino cage

Before you hit “submit,” make sure to look over the site’s promotional offerings. Many casinos will offer you the chance to increase your deposit amount.



Each of the three PA online casinos has an Android version.

For Apple customers, the issue is a little more complicated. The only one of the three with an iOS app is Hollywood Casino. The bad news is that the game catalog is quite limited. The good news is that one of the accessible games is the Game King video poker package.

PlaySugarHouse has a solution that permits casino play through the iPhone browser, however it currently lacks video poker. For iPhone users, Parx is not an option.

Furthermore, Chumba Casino is a browser-based platform. As a result, it makes no difference which device is used to log in.

In terms of the games themselves, they do admirably. They are absolutely playable on both laptops and mobile devices, and it’s evident that all three sites have gone to great lengths to ensure that they are mobile-friendly.

The mobile versions, on the other hand, have a clumsy feel to them that may be distracting. It’s difficult to describe – perhaps some form of lag – but it indicates that the mobile devs are uncomfortable.

That said, we’re being a little picky here. There’s little doubt that the majority of individuals will be able to access these three sites and try out their video poker alternatives.



What exactly is video poker?

Video poker is a computerized version of five-card draw poker. The goal is for players to produce a winning five-card hand. The definition of a winning hand differs from game to game.

Both in terms of game class and in terms of physical location in the casino, video poker and slot machines are sometimes bundled together. However, a crucial distinction between the two is the level of control that a player has over a video poker game.

In other words, there is a proper way to play each hand in video poker. There are numerous publications available to assist players in determining the optimal statistical approach to each hand.

As it turns out, you can have these books with you while playing. Casinos have no problem with perfect players because, as you may have surmised, perfect play still gives the house an advantage.

However, faultless play reduces the house advantage to fractions of a percentage point. So, you can get a lot of bang for your buck playing video poker, and you could even win once in a while.

As a result, the payoff percentages mentioned in each game version below are determined based on faultless performance. If you’re not playing correctly, the percentage will tilt even more in the casino’s favor.

Another factor that affects a player’s chances of winning is the number of coins he or she is betting. For the highest coin play, video poker machines normally feature a large reward. To qualify, you must typically wager five coins on a single game.

However, progressive jackpots may be tied to these higher levels of play. To maximize your projected value on your wagers, you should play at the highest level if at all possible.



A collection of video poker games can be daunting at first glance. There are so many variations that mastering them can seem impossible.

Surprisingly, though, all versions of video poker are essentially the same. The differences from the normal games are mostly minor modifications.

When it comes to odds, video poker machines repay over 96 percent of the money bet. Video poker is a far better bet than slot machines based on this percentage.

At least in terms of the timescale, the many versions do toy with the odds. Which option you prefer is determined by how much variation you are willing to accept.



The most popular video poker game, and the only one available at Chumba Casino, is Jacks or Better. Jacks or Better, like most standards, is popular because of its simplicity.

The title of the game contains the key to victory. To win, a player must make a pair of jacks or greater.

The payments rise in tandem with the hand strength. Casinos have added strategies to chip away at these payouts, as you’ll discover later.

Some Jacks or Better machines used to pay out as a “full pay” machine, which meant that complete houses paid 9x the wager and flushes paid 6x the wager.

Casinos began to provide this ratio less frequently as time went on. Chumba’s Jacks or Better, for example, is a 7x/5x game.

However, the earnings cuts haven’t had a significant impact on the game. In all, Jacks or Better will return 99.54 percent of all bets.



Deuces Wild is another popular video poker variant. The four twos, or deuces, are treated as wild cards in this variant.

The typical hand strength that you’ll obtain will be inflated as a result of this alteration. Pairs can easily become three of a kind, and random hands can become straight or flush candidates with four cards that can be anything.

Of course, the game’s victory conditions take this escalation into consideration. To win at Deuces Wild, you’ll need three of a type or greater.

Surprisingly, a flawlessly played game of Deuces Wild will pay out 100.8 percent of the time. There is a chance of winning if you play appropriately and use the maximum number of coins available.

However, keep in mind that the % is a long-term calculation. The majority of players will not be able to afford to stay for the long haul.



Up to a point, Bonus Poker is identical to Jacks or Better. That is a four-of-a-kind point.

Bonus Poker gives players an extra payout if they get quads of any value. Regrettably, the game takes money from other rewards to provide this reward.

As a result, even though certain hands have bigger individual rewards, the aggregate effect is a decrease in percentage return. Players who play Bonus Poker will only see a 99.2 percent return.

Bonus Poker, on the other hand, has become so popular that it has spawned two variants: Double Bonus Poker and Double Double Bonus Poker. Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus, like Bonus Poker, offer a premium on four-of-a-kind hands.

As a result, they divide four-of-a-kind hands further based on their value. Players who obtain four aces in Double Bonus Poker receive a higher payoff.

The increased dividend, on the other hand, has reversed the predicted payback. Double Bonus Poker pays out 100.2 percent of its winnings to its players.

When compared to its cousins, Double Double Bonus Poker goes a step farther. Each four-of-a-kind possibility carries a different payoff.

Most of the breakouts are still aimed at the aces. The pay structure in Double Double Bonus Poker is based on the kicker in quad ace hands.

In addition, each of the four 2s, 3s, and 4s has its unique payoff level. After that, all 5s – kings are rewarded at the same rate.

All of those manipulations don’t seem to make much of a difference in the end. The payment percentage drops to 100.1 percent.

You’ll find characteristics of these three varieties of video poker in whatever other variation you come across. Just make sure to research each type you come across and figure out what it’s all about before placing a wager.



When you play at an online casino, you may be eligible to participate in the casino’s loyalty program. Any of these promos can be earned by playing video poker.

A video poker player, on the other hand, may find it far more difficult to earn as many rewards points as their slot-machine counterparts. Due to its high return to player ratio, casinos frequently award fewer points for video poker.

SugarHouse, for example, uses the return-to-player % to determine how many points to award in its iRush Rewards program. So, for example, a game that returns 94 percent of wagers to players will award more points than a game that returns 96 percent.

As previously noted, video poker pays out a high percentage of winnings to players, usually in the range of 99 percent. As a result, video poker will not earn you many points at SugarHouse.

In a similar vein, Parx places a premium on slot play over video poker. Instead of using a formula, Parx’s Xclub awards one point for every $20 spent on slots and one point for every $60 wagered on video poker. As a result, video poker is a third less profitable than slots.



Video poker is a five-card draw poker variation. You will be dealt five playing cards after making your wager on a hand. You can then choose to “hold” or “fold” any number of those cards in order to create the highest-valued hand possible according to the poker hand hierarchy.

The following poker hands are ordered in order of strength from strongest to weakest:

  • The cards 10, jack, queen, king, and ace, all of the same suit, make up a royal flush.
  • flushed straight: Five consecutive cards of the same suit, such as 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of clubs, make up a hand.
  • Four-in-a-row: In each suit, a hand consists of all four cards of the same value.
  • The place is packed: A hand is made up of one pair and one three-of-a-kind card.
  • Float: A hand is made up of any combination of five cards from the same suit.
  • Straightforward: A hand is made up of five cards in a row, regardless of suit.
  • Three-in-a-row: A hand is made up of three cards with the same value.
  • Two pairs of shoes: A hand is made up of two opposite pairings of cards.
  • A hand is made up of one or more pairs of cards.
  • A hand with no pairings or a higher-value combination of cards is known as a high card.
  • To measure hand strength, the highest-value card is used.

For each outcome, different video poker variations will provide different payouts. Some games will have prerequisites, such as the need for at least a pair of jacks. There are many different varieties of the game, some of which incorporate wild cards and even jackpots if specific circumstances are met.



We can easily understand the potential outcomes in a game of video poker when it comes to determining the odds. Because video poker is played with only one deck, this is the case. That implies the odds are essentially the same whether you play video poker in a live casino or on a regulated PA online gaming site.

The following are the standard odds and reward schedules for jacks or better video poker hands:

Royal flush (dealt) 1 / 650,000 800
Royal flush (ending hand) 1 / 40,400 800
Straight flush 1 / 9,150 50
Four-of-a-kind 1 / 423 25
Full house 1/90 9
Flush 1/89 6
Straight 1/86 4
Three-of-a-kind 1/13 3
Two pair 1/7 2
Jacks or better 1/4 1


Furthermore, unless the maximum number of wagering units are used at the start of the hand, it is possible to win the complete jackpot when holding a royal flush. Keep in mind that depending on whether a natural royal flush is dealt at the start of a hand, some varieties of the game will provide different reward structures.



Because all of the games are machine-based, there is little difference between online video poker and video poker played in live casinos.

The advantages of playing online video poker are that you will never have to wait for your turn to play a specific version, and there are numerous variations to choose from.

You can also jump from one variety to the next with little effort. As a result, games move more faster than they would in a live casino.



Because video poker is such a common element of casinos, it’s no surprise that video poker machines may be found in every one of them in Pennsylvania.

As previously noted, video poker and slot machines frequently coexist at a casino. Given how much of a pleasant change of pace video poker provides for slot machine players (and vice versa), this marriage of games is unlikely to end anytime soon.

The addresses for all twelve of Pennsylvania’s casinos are listed here. Please note that the Live! Casino facility is also included, even though it has not yet opened.

  • Harrah’s Philadelphia – 777 Harrah’s Blvd, Chester, PA 19013
  • Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course – 777 Hollywood Blvd, Grantville, PA 17028
  • Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin – 4067 National Pike, Farmington, PA 15437
  • The Meadows Racetrack and Casino – 210 Racetrack Rd, Washington, PA 15301
  • Mohegan Sun Pocono – 1280 PA-315, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702
  • Mount Airy Casino Resort – 312 Woodland Rd, Mt Pocono, PA 18344
  • Parx Casino & Racing – 2999 Street Rd, Bensalem, PA 19020
  • Presque Isle Downs & Casino – 8199 Perry Hwy, Erie, PA 16509
  • Rivers Casino (Pittsburgh) – 777 Casino Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
  • Wind Creek Bethlehem – 77 Wind Creek Blvd, Bethlehem, PA 18015
  • Sugarhouse Casino – 1001 N Delaware Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125
  • Valley Forge Casino Resort – 1160 1st Ave, King of Prussia, PA 19406
  • Live! Casino & Hotel – 900 Packer Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148



Pennsylvania’s video poker machines are the result of one clear legal action. The Pennsylvania Race Horse Development and Gaming Act of 2004 effectively blew out the gaming balloon for the entire state, allowing for the construction of 12 casinos.

As a result of this law, video poker became legal. As a slew of new casinos popped up, so did video poker.

Video poker is expected to follow the rest of the games into Pennsylvania’s mini-casinos and Internet casinos. There isn’t much of a difference between them and slot machines.